Help Mozilla Set a Firefox 3 Download Record

Help Mozilla Set a Firefox 3 Download Record

Firefox 3's creators are looking to set a Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours, and have set up a "Download Day 2008" page to organize the effort. The download date for the browser is still "some time in June," but you can watch the Download Day page for updates. [via]


  • Joseph: you can right click on a mac now? Crazy.

    Anyway, wouldn’t this record by default probably go to any high priority M$ patch that gets pushed out? It would be hard to beat that, or does that not count as a download because it’s an update or something?

  • Patches from Microsoft tend to get rolled out over a number of days. Since people can set times for downloads in the middle of the night, or not have the option switched in, it would be rare for huge numbers of people to access a patch in 24 hours. Some take even longer (Vista SP1, for instance, was very much staggered in terms of being pushed to Windows Update). Plus, as you say, it’s not exactly a conscious, deliberate download.

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