Get Started with Composting

Get Started with Composting

Wired’s How-To Wiki guides newcomers gently into the soft terrain of composting, a great way to recycle biodegradable goods and create some of the best growing soil around. You can get started with something as simple and low-cost as a trash bag, the authors note:

Just fill it up with a good mixture of browns (paper and plant pieces) and greens (kitchen scraps), soak it down, punch a few air holes and wait three months. Viola! Compost.

The wiki has more detailed advice for those who want to keep a tidier pile, or learn more about what makes for great material—one easy-to-find example, as previously posted, is non-glossy, low-colour junk mail. Are you composting? What’s your setup? Let us know in the comments. Photo by normanack.


  • Now that I’m a townhouse-dweller, with no yard to speak of, composts are sadly a little out of reach.

    But a great alternative is a worm farm! I’ve got a commercial worm farm that I bought from a hardware store for $80 or so sitting in the garage that has been working out great for the last 2 years.

    It takes pretty much the same things as a compost heap (paper, food scraps and the like). These really break down as the worms eat through them, so it takes a long time to “fill up” the unit. As a side effect, it produces liquid fertiliser that the plants on the balcony love. And importantly, it doesn’t smell! 😉

  • Its hilarious how there are no articles on Australian lifehacker when its a holiday in the US. Can someone please tell me how this Australian site differentiates itself from its American parent, when all it does is copy each article over with barely any new content?

  • Hi Jason, Lifehacker AU has been in the process of changing editors — I’ve just taken over from Sarah, and unfortunately that created a Memorial-Day-including-gap where there wasn’t much new Australian content. I promise you’ll see much more local stuff from now on!

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