Fix Disappearing System Tray Icons in Vista

Fix Disappearing System Tray Icons in Vista

When icons start disappearing from Windows Vista’s system tray—like the networking, volume control, or time display—and you can’t restore them from the standard options menus, the itch to re-install can be strong indeed. The How-To Geek, however, finds the balm for disappearing Vista icons in the registry, where a few key options need to be deleted to restore your system tray to functionality. Hit the link for instructions on how to kill out the options yourself, or download a registry hack that does it for you.


  • Please follow these simple steps to restore your volume, power etc. icons that are grayed out for Vista! Simple:
    Go to Start Menu
    Click on Programs
    Click on Accessories
    Click on System Tools
    Click on Control Panel
    Click on Taskbar & Start Menu
    Click on Notification Area, your boxes are no longer grayed out, click the ones you want open, I searched for months without finding a solution & a friend gave me this, please post it EVERYWHERE!

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