Eat like a Googler with the Food 2.0 cookbook

Eat like a Googler with the Food 2.0 cookbook
food2.pngThere’s a new recipe book out in the States called Food 2.0: Secrets from the Chef who fed Google.
I have to admit that when I saw the title, I wondered who the hell would want to buy a recipe book for food served by an IT company  – especially when that company is famous for fattening up its programmers. But I read on out of interest.
Of course, being a Google chef, author Charlie Ayers isn’t just any chef, but the former caterer for the Grateful Dead (ah, California).
The CNET review describes Food 2.0 as “a ridiculously healthy cookbook in the most Northern California sense possible” but it sounds like it strikes a balance between fresh, healthy ingredients and being tasty enough to appeal to finicky programmers. 🙂
 By the time I reached the end of the review, I have to admit I was kind of tempted – more for the Jade Smoothie recipe (sliced cucumber, mint leaves, apple cider, and lemon sorbet) than the Google hot sauce. Now I feel like a Google tragic. 🙂

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