DriveSpacio Finds What's Filling Up Your Hard Drive

Windows only: Analyse your hard drive usage and find out what's eating up your disk space with freeware application DriveSpacio. Similar to previously mentioned WinDirStat, DriveSpacio sets itself apart with a different approach to displaying your drive usage. Many users will likely prefer the bar graphs and pie charts of DriveSpacio to WinDirStat, but the biggest drawback is that—unlike WinDirStat—it doesn't currently allow you to directly delete or launch a folder from within its interface. That means that once you find something you want to delete, you still have to navigate to it manually in Explorer to delete it. Regardless, the freeware, Windows only DirveSpacio is a great alternative when you're looking to visualise your hard drive usage. Mac users, check out previously mentioned GrandPerspective.


    Nice GUI, but big draw back for me is that you can't directly delete the files.

    er Xinorbis does it all every which way for free.

    SpaceMonger is great utility to analyze what and where is on your disks

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