Divide Your Wallet to Stick to a Vacation Budget

Divide Your Wallet to Stick to a Vacation Budget

It’s easy to start thinking about cash and spending as liquid, who-cares concepts while on vacation, but sticking to a budget can be as easy as sticking a piece of paper in your wallet. As guest poster Debbie Dubrow points out at the Get Rich Slowly financial blog:

Keep the cash for the day separate from the rest of your cash. For example, you get $300 out of the ATM and you want that to last you 4 days, so that’s $75/day. Put $75 in an easy to access part of your wallet and you put the rest in a harder to reach spot. If you see yourself going into the hard-to-reach spot, you know you’re going over budget.

For credit card use, Dubrow recommends bringing along an envelope to stash receipts in, following a similar route of day-by-day budgeting. Hit the link below for more travel budgeting tips.


  • @EDOGA

    Even if you’re using Traveler’s Checks, you don’t want to have to go to American Express or Thomas Cook every day… I do try to visually divide my money on foreign trips. Saved me from going over budget last summer. I would actually tuck some of my cash into my suitcase (with my traveler’s checks, passport etc) before leaving the hotel. I have a wallet that has two money compartments, so I used one for standard daily expenditures and one for emergencies (which usually ended up being used on shopping, haha). If you’re worried about going substantially over budget, it might be worth getting a book for traveling budget (link to ebooks version). Especially with current exchange rates what they are, it could be a good idea.

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