AVG Free Anti-Virus 2008 Released, Much Improved

AVG Free Anti-Virus 2008 Released, Much Improved

Windows only: Popular freeware anti-virus application AVG Free recently updated to AVG Free 2008. Aside from a general interface overhaul and faster performance, the updated anti-virus scanner has added several new features with a focus on web security. AVG is always at the forefront of the freeware anti-virus category, so unless you don’t run anti-virus software, it’s a great alternative to crappy Windows software.


  • I loved AVG 7.5 but Version 8 has made me leave and go to Avast, Version 8 of AVG has slowed my system down and thats not good, so bye bye AVG, why do people always change things when they are running well.

  • im just really frustrated with avg at the moment. why is there NOT a option to “ignore forever” when resident shield detects something it “thinks” is a virus? this is really really turning me off and i will be looking for different protection from now on.

  • For all those who have the complaint of AVG slowing down their computers, especially browsers, that is because, during installation, you must have checked on LINK SCANNER installation. the best thing to do is, either disable link scanner in avg settings, or re-install avg, and uncheck the link scanner installation, and only install AVG ANTIVIRUS component.

    AVG 2008 is by far the best anti-virus program (in freeware category).

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