Access US-Only Web Content with Hotspot Shield

Windows only: Freeware application Hotspot Shield secures your public web browsing by connecting you to the internet through the Hotspot Shield virtual private network. What more people seem to use Hotspot Shield for is to access US-only websites from outside the US. We post a lot of content on Lifehacker, and sometimes we get guff for not identifying US-only services. Hotspot Shield has been the go-to service for tons of Lifehacker readers dying to try a site who've hit the US-only wall. Hotspot Shield is ad-supported and installs a toolbar (lame, I know), Windows only. Got another tried and true method for accessing region-specific sites? Let's hear about it in the comments.


    This isn't Windows only. It works fine on your Mac too!

    Im in England trying to access australian-only web content, hotspot shield only seems to be good for the US/Canada sites. Does anyone know of anything similar I could use to access Australian content?

    Hotspot Shield does work great on Mac - excellent for watching Hulu! Of course the BBC has really developed iPlayer and there is some great content. I access it from Australia via a Proxy that I am fortunate to have access to in the UK. On OS 10.5 you can choose to route all HTTP traffic via the VPN, this works a treat. Windows lets you do the same.
    If you don't have access to your own VPN server there a loads of good paid services available from about US$5-10 per month (or you could take your chances with a free non-transparent proxy (updated lists at

    I haven't found an free or Oz based VPN service but I will have look and post if I can find one.

    This is brilliant thank You! Great way to support show ratings through hulu.

    i have a mac leapord and wen i use hotspot.. it getz connected butt den no websites work.. plzz tell me wat should be done..

    meybi youuz can getz an edookation n lern how 2 spel, dude.

      *snerk* at fanbot.
      You said it. How much harder can it be to use correct spelling?

    Thanks! works perfectly.

    hotspot allows me to watch US tv programs perfectly in Australia.
    it helps me from being homesick
    America is a great country, much better than Australia

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