Why you should wait until 2010 to buy a new car

The EcoGeek blog spends a lot of time looking at environmentally friendly cars - so much time that as a public transit enthusiast, it often leaves me a little cold. But they had a very interesting post today on the array of hybrids and electric cars that are approaching the retail horizon over the next few years. It's worth a read if you're considering buying a greener car in the next couple of years.
The bad news according to the Ecogeek is that you're better off waiting for the next gen options to hit the road:

"Even if you don't have a hybrid, you will save so much more gas with the next generation plug-ins and full-electrics that it really isn't worth upgrading now."

We should be seeing the next gen Toyota Prius by 2010 (or perhaps 2011 in Australia?) and apparently Mitsubishi's got a hybrid in the wings as well.Of course, it remains to be seen how many of the cars it mentions will actually make it to our shores.
In the meantime, walking or public transport remains far more environmentally friendly. :)

Why you should wait until 2010 to buy a new car [EcoGeek]


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