Whirlpool sells out to Ninemsn :/

Fiercely independent Australian broadband website Whirlpool's role as an industry watchdog is now in doubt with the news that it's been sold to Ninemsn.

Whirlpool was a trusted community resource for years, providing not only news about the broadband and mobile networks in Australia, but also providing a very active community forum for people to get technical help and share their experiences of different telcos.

In a press statement, site founder Simon Wright said “Whirlpool has gone further than I ever imagined. It’s been great to see it become what it is today — the premier resource on broadband and technology-based discussion in Australia. Now, as it moves into its next phase, I’m looking forward to seeing ninemsn apply their proven track record to the Whirlpool concept.”

Thank god it was just an April Fools. Nice one, Whirlpool! :)


    Hahahahaha. Once that heart attack wears off, it's pretty funny.

    *cough*April Fools*cough*

    April fools anyone?

    oh man, you had me there : (

    it sure as hell better be a joke!

    Nothing is more of an authority on the advancement of telecommunications and broadband in Aus than Whirlpool.

    Hope it's not true, quite a sick joke actually!!

    I thought I had managed to escape, but you got me.
    Good one :)

    simon wright, who owns whirlpool, used to work for ninemsn. he quit ninemsn last november.

    they even had the ninemsn top bar up on the whirlpool page - i nearly choked on my weaties - i went to look to reaction from having an extra 15gigs/mth from internode - and then even doubted that! Paiful experience

    hahaha That go me scared

    this page, on lifehacker, has more ads as the average ninemsn page.

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