What Apps Should You Never Install?

In a dated but still relevant post, technologist Anil Dash calls out a couple of software apps that no one needs to install these days, like WinZip and "sketchy codec packs." I'd add any software manufactured by AOL, Adobe Reader, and digital camera-specific photo software to that list. (You're better off with 7-Zip, Pidgin, Foxit Reader, and Picasa.) How about you? What dated apps do you uncover on your co-workers' and relatives' computers that should have never been there to begin with? Tell us in the comments.


    You are so right. I completed formatting my laptop and reinstalling everything due to a trojan that was being perpetrated and exists in posts on a yahoo group that I kindly received in my yahoo mail. It took forever. I made yahoo very very aware of their incompetence and poor customer support and what I consider to be an intential perpetration of trojans, spyware and other malware, I received a flash of something in my inbox. Though I had clicked on another message from a known sender, it proceeded to blue screen me and render me useless. After formatting and reinstalling again, I was determined to prevent any problems, ditched panda for Norton, and ran CA. I wanted my yahoo toolbar back but had set my browser security high. When I downloaded the yahoo toolbar from the genuine yahoo site, I was asked if I wanted to run an .exe called "fudogs" which didn't sound right. Of course, even though bundled with the toolbar install on their server, it was malware, but I don't know the actual threat because I didn't install it thank goodness. So I was in clear, everything going okay with Norton, trying to wean off my old yahoo mail and abandon them. Anyway, I made the mistake of installing from a CD for a Sakar KidsCam ( a larger blue Digital Concepts cam for around fifty bucks from Walmart). Well, you can guess. The setup ran quick, opening a screen. Norton does not notify me when it's completed scanning a disk, but usually it doesn't open until the scan is done. Anyway, a button appeared in the setup GUI defaulted, saying "Read Me First!". Assuming this was a harmless text file that had been scanned, I ran it. It mapped to d:\intro\index.htm, a file Norton finally kindly told me that was the source of trojan.maliframe!html, which it identified as an old but significant threat. Of course, Internet Explorer froze blank, my whole computer became unresponsive, though I could see something was working away. I'm screwed again now, I payed for a trojan which was delivered via a button on the interface. Unfortunately I could not install the drivers any other way. I'm really mad and sick of these companies stealing from us. When we have to spend hours, even days, fixing horrible problems, losing data potentially, and their customer service does nothing but request the same information over and over and never responds with a sane and direct answer to concerns, its horrible. I wish consumers had some guts and we could band together to get some laws passed regarding such blantant distribution of this type of stuff. There is no excuse a cd in a new camera would be infected with a relatively old trojan set, that was, you might say, deliberated programmed into the interface of the software. And for yahoo to ignore and not scan its group servers and mail servers is idiotic. Thanks for your post. I wish I had read it. I will never install camera software again. I'm thoroughly disgusted. And Muvee is part to blame since they distribute the drivers and do not provide an online install or support the software they allow to be distributed. Sorry to vent, but three times in a row is disgusting. Thanks again for your great post and avoid any Digital Concepts camera. I plan to make Walmart reimburse me for the camera, and I ought to sue for my old consulting rate of $260 an hour as a dba/unix admin/sys architect. This is why I never worked on PCs.

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