Use your Google account details as an OpenID login

This will be welcome news to anyone who hates doubling up on online accounts and identities - you can now use your Google account as an OpenID login. This means you can log in to any site which uses OpenID using your Google credentials. Digital Inspiration explains how to do it:

"To create a custom OpenID URL with your Google Account username, go to and login using your Google credentials. You will be assigned an OpenID sign-on that looks something like this:[email protected] where [email protected] is the email address associated with your Google Account."

Good stuff. I haven't gotten around to creating an OpenID, and this could mean I don't need to. Anyone know of any compelling reason why you should have a standalone OpenID rather than using your Google ID?

Use your Google Account as an OpenID [Digital Inspiration]


    Because this isn't your Google ID; it isn't in the Google namespace, and no application on the receiving end should assume that it is in any way affiliated because it's not. It's just an OP that happens to use Google accounts as its authentication mechanism, but legally distinct.

    But it's interesting that this trick only works in one direction. Beware identity lock-in created through deliberate non-interoperability.

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