US airport security retains right to search laptops

Frequent international flyers will be interested to hear that a US legal decision last week has confirmed that border security at their international airports have carte blanche to search people's laptops, without the need for any specific evidence of criminal activity.

I remember reading a while back that the EFF  was campaiging against this policy on the grounds that it was a violation of people's privacy and would put international travellers off coming to the US. Guess that campaign hasn't worked so well.

In the meantime, if you're planning a trip to the US anytime soon, might want to check out our previously mentioned guide to Customs-proofing your laptop and how to save time and stress at airport security. Good luck traveller!

Prepare for your laptop to be searched [APC]



    Interesting, how would they inspect it? they wouldn't open it up would they?

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