Update Twitter via IM using Google Talk


If you use Twitter in Australia, you know that you need to SMS a UK-based number to update (or tweet). That could work out to be expensive! I’m going to go through a few options which might work out cheaper for you. Today let’s look at using Google Talk.
To update Twitter via IM from your Gtalk account, you’ll need to add Twitter as a contact.

Here’s how – just add [email protected] as your contact in GTalk and then go to the Twitter home page to add IM as a method of updating. On the left hand side of the page you’ll see a link to “add device” – hit that, then put in your IM account details. It will give you a password to send to twitter via IM to confirm. You can also send an IM saying “Help” if you want further information.

Now whenever you IM this new friend called Twitter, the message will automatically publish on your Twitter account. It seems to appear pretty quickly too.


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