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Yesterday we told you how to update your Twitter status via IM using Google Talk. Today the twittering continues  - this time learning how to update Twitter via email. The tip comes from the Digital Inspiration blog, which recommends setting up a dummy Blogger account to do your Twitter updates via email.
Once you've set up the Blogger account (stokelytwitter in my case), go to the Dashboard, then Settings, then Email. Here you can set up your email-to-blogger email address. In my case it was [email protected] Make note of this email address.
Now you can use your OpenID (remembing that you can now use your Google account details to sign into OpenID enabled sites) to associate the feed from your newly created Blogger account (stokelytwitter.blogspot.com/rss.xml) with your twitterfeed account.
You're now set up to tweet via email. All you need to do is send your desired message to the email address you set up and it'll appear in your Twitter feed. Sweet!

Send updates to Twitter via Email from Mobile Phones - no SMS [Digital Inspiration]


    Looks like a neat solution, I'm going to try and set it up tonight.

    That seems awfully convoluted to just get a message to twitter. Hopefully they will get some infrastructure setup in Australia soon.

    Thanks for the tip

    sorry i cant finish the step?
    already made blogspot email-to-blogger email address, but what step after that?

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