TiVo and Sony PlayTV PVR launches set for later this year


If, like me, you’ve been waiting for a plug and play PVR then our pals at Gizmodo have a lot of interesting news to share. First up, Seven has confirmed that TiVo is definitely launching here, but not until August.
(I was turned down for the TiVo beta – first beta I’ve ever been knocked back for! sob!)
And if you’re PlayStation inclined, Sony have announced we’ll get its PVR addon for PS3, PlayTV sometime in the 4th quarter.
I’ve never been a huge fan of pay TV, but I’ve been enjoying the Foxtel IQ lately.
My question to you is, have you found a PC-based PVR that “just works”? I’ve heard good things about MythTV but never tried it. I’ve only used Microsoft’s Media Center to play music. Yes, I’m pretty much a noob.


  • I use EyeTV on the Mac, and it’s OK, but nowhere near as rock solid as something like the IQ. Underneath it’s still a computer, so all sorts of things can and do go wrong as the TV software competes for resources with other software and the OS.

    I have been hanging out for a decent free-to-air PVR all year, and haven’t been able to bring myself to spend $1000 on a Beyonwiz which from all accounts is still a work in progress (albeit a good one).

  • I tried moving over the MythTV using a fedora all in one style setup mythdora and while it was looking promising it didn’t just work with my 1-2 year old hardware which according to most of my research was all good to go with. I was mucking around while my HTPC was being rebuilt thanks to a faulty HDD, I have been using Media Portal an open source media center software you use over windows (i run XP) while the instability of my windows setup (which turned out to be a dieing HDD) meant it wasnt brilliant now its back and running i have not had a single complaint.

    Well worth a look if you already have an XP license.

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