Tips for spending less and saving more

The Consumerist lists 10 ways to really save money, which include one of my tried and true standbys, rolling your credit card debt over to a new provider which offers you a 6 month interest free period. Of course, the aim should be to pay it off before the honeymoon period elapses and you revert to the full interest rate.
(Don't make the mistake I once made of keeping the old card 'just in case' - of course I ended up with two credit cards in debt.)
Of course, the only real way to save money is to spend less than you earn and start putting money into savings. But the list has a few suggestions for doing that too, including paying your credit card off in full every month to avoid credit charges, and the old standbys - making your own coffee and lunch instead of buying them.
Got any other tips for getting the most out of your money? Share in comments please.

10 ways to save real money [The Consumerist]


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