Take better photos to help you sell on ebay

If you're decluttering, or have been thinking about trying out ebay or etsy to sell your wares online, the Photojojo site has a helpful guide for improving your chances of making a sale by taking a great photo.
It's a helpful guide because it gives tricks and tips for using what you have on hand (ie best ways to capture natural light or create a good back drop for a photo of something small like jewellery).
This was my favourite tip:

"For small items such as jewelry, you can use more interesting backgrounds. Gemmafactrix uses vintage books and industrial surfaces to show off her jewelry on Etsy, and it works great. Wood, paper, cloth and metal can all add a little something to your images."

Got any tips for how to make your photos stand out on ebay? Share in comments please.

Shoot to Sell: Taking better photos for ebay, etsy and instructables [via Dumb Little Man]


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