Stay in touch with a hospitalised loved one using CaringBridge

caringbridge.pngI was recently introduced to the CaringBridge website when a colleague became ill and was hospitalised. It's a pretty cool site where you can create a free, personalised journal which serves as a hub for the ill person (or their family) to post photos and updates on their progress, and where friends can leave messages of support.
There are two levels of privacy available - one lets anyone view your CaringBridge site as long as they know your chosen CaringBridge site name, or you can choose to only show your site to people who have registered with the site.
Once you sign up you can browse the patient's online journal, and subscribe to be notified by email when their journal is updated.
I've really appreciated being able to receive email updates to hear how my friend is going, and I can imagine that for people who are facing serious illness, CaringBridge would be a nice and unobtrusive tool for keeping wellwishers updated and receiving messages of support.
My one slight niggle was that it does nag you for donations to keep the site running, but I suppose it's fair enough - funding has to come from somewhere.


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