Songbird music player brings you music from the web

songbird.pngIt seems like a lot of people might grumble about iTunes but they keep using it. But a Wired piece on open source music player Songbird caught my eye yesterday. Built on the Mozilla platform, it's aiming to be as customisable as Firefox, and describes itself as a "desktop media player mashed up with the web".

What does this mean? Songbird was designed for people to be able to access music from the web as well as from their own computer's music collection. So it includes a web browser for streaming and downloading music. When you navigate to a page which has embedded music on it, Songbird will display a simple playlist window of all the available music on that page so you don't need to hunt for the links. Nice.

I'm curious, and I'm downloading it right now as I type. If you've tried Songbird, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it.


Songbird Music Player Challenges iTunes with Major Update [Wired]


    I myself have just started using Songbird as my media player of choice and I have finally rid my pc of itunes!

    As of the latest release (.5) the ipod support is not quite as smooth as iTunes is but I have no doubt it will be better in the long run.

    The media player itself is like winamp 3.1 (winamp has been downhill since the old school days) meets itunes melded with firefox. Oustanding player in my opinion.

    I've been using Songbird for a couple of months now, and I absolutely love it. I use it mostly for listening to internet radio while at the computer, and have my favorites in a playlist.I can easily switch stations in mini mode.

    Only the default skin "stays on top" at the moment, but more are on the way. Here's a pic (scaled down) of it at the top in the title bar.

    (full disclosure: I work for Songbird)
    One of the things that was overhauled in 0.5 was the Device API (which the new MTP Device support) is written with). Unfortunately the iPod Support was not updated in time, and is a little buggy with 0.5. Keep watching though because 0.6 will deliver renewed kickass iPod support on all our platforms.

    I've been using Songbird at work and home for the last month or so, and have been really happy with the switch away from iTunes.

    I still prefer Amarok on my Ubuntu set up, but for Windows... Songbird is really working for me.
    The only thing I feel it's really missing is the ability to keep watch on a directory for music updates.
    I hate having to drag files into my "library".

    Also, some nicer skins wouldn't go astray, but that will just come with time.

    The built in functionality with Hype Machine and SkreemR is particularly handy.

    All in all, it's a tasty application, and it's not even out of major development.

    Lovely interface, all the codecs I need but can't get in iTunes, but too slow on my PPC Mac. Waiting for it to get faster!

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