Six ways to make use of downtime at work

If you're a freelancer, or you work on project-based environment, you know what it's like to have downtime between projects. Often when you deliver a project or meet a deadline there's a temptation to reward your hard work by slacking off before your next project kicks in, but the Urban Muse blog offers up six ways to make good use of that downtime for networking and bringing in more business for yourself.

  • Take a good look at your website and see what you can update. Can you refresh some of the copy, add new client testimonials or new content to your portfolio?
  • Update your profile on social networking sites - the professional ones like Facebook and Linkedin, not the fun ones!
  • Catch up on your blog reading - commenting is a great way to extend your network.
  • Email your favourite clients - to catch up, share a link to an article they might like, and let them know you're scouting around for a new assignment.
  • Take a class to improve your skills - perhaps in an area that will let you extend your current business. ie a writer could take a photography class, to be able to sell photos to accompany their stories.
  • Pitch, pitch, pitch! The more pitches you write for new business, the better you'll get. Especially if you ask your clients for feedback on both successful and unsuccessful pitches.

Six Ways to Network Between Projects [Urban Muse]


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