Should Microsoft Extend XP’s Life?

Should Microsoft Extend XP’s Life?

Both Windows users in love with XP and those in hate with Vista continue to cry out to Microsoft for clemency, hoping that XP might be spared from the chopping block come June 30th (the last day XP will be sold in stores). Vista’s been out in the wild for a solid year now, but even so, more users than Microsoft could ever have intended still aren’t ready or willing to trade in XP for the shinier, debatably improved upgrade to the Windows line. We consider Lifehacker readers to be very willing adopters when an upgrade is worth it, so we want to know where you stand on the issue.

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Calls for mercy aside, right now it’s looking very unlikely that XP will stick around for purchase, so us Windows users may have to get used to Vista, for better or worse. Let’s hear your reasoning for or against the Vista takeover in the comments.


  • I’ve used it, but my XP is running sweeter than ever, I have no crashes, I understand its quirks, I’m backed up to bejesus and can recover an all out fatal xp implosion in minutes, I don’t get virii, worms or god knows what, my xp looks beautiful, I’ve got way too many proggies all running seamlessly….. I just CAN’T THINK OF A SINGLE REASON why I should give that all away (and lots why I should not).
    Do I need to play with something new – well there’s a shiny newborn Hardy Heron on another partition …..

  • I think that XP Pro is the pinnacle of Windows operating systems. Then I tried Vista and it ran like a lame dog, my powerful pc became a slug!! I couldn’t believe how CPU and memory hungry Vista was – yet for what gain? I say keep XP for the masses who want to stay on windows.

    Disatisfied with Vista, I gave linux ago and so did my mother in law. It runs faster than Windows on the same platform. I have even tried a few version and am hooked. Besides performance, you’ll save a whack of cash because there are a heap of excellent free applications out there that run on linux. And because linux runs faster than windows you’ll extend the life of your existing pc. I havn’t even mentioned that linux is more secure…

    I recommend to first try linux before committing to the sluggish Vista OS. Suse, Ubuntu, Mandriva and Fedora (not in any particular order) are worth looking at. Have a go, you won’t regret it.

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