Record Skype Calls as MP3s with Call Graph

Windows only: Freeware plug-in Call Graph integrates with the popular VoIP application Skype to record your Skype as MP3s and organize those recordings with a simple interface. Once installed, you can set Call Graph to automatically record all of your Skype calls, or you can choose to start and stop recording manually during a call. After you record a call, you can rename and add relevant information to the call data—which comes in handy when you use Call Graph to search your index of recorded calls. There are many Skype recording tools out there, but most come with a price or limitations. The freeware, Windows-only Call Graph has no limitations, and while its current interface is spare, it's simple to use and does the job.


    The application is awsome and its simple to use. Great app.

    Thanks for the mention. Pls. let us know if you face any issues with it.

    [email protected]

    A great product. Must download.
    I wonder why they are allowing it for free, people will easily pay for this.

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