Panedia offers panoramic wallpaper for multiple monitors

panedia.pngI got an email from Aaron Spence at Panedia letting me know about his new site offering gorgeous panoramic landscape photography as wallpaper for multiple monitor users.

An offshoot of panoramic mapping site Panedia Maps, they're now offering their widescreen panoramic Australian landscapes as desktop wallpaper for single, dual and triple monitor users. They're Windows and OS X friendly, and each wallpaper is available in 16 sizes for single, dual and triple screen.
They add a new picture every day, and there are free or paid memberships to the site.
Paid memberships also offer a "favourites" feature which lets you save your preferred wallpapers for quicker access.
If you're interested in a 12 month membership to Panedia, Aaron's kindly given us a few to give away, so look for the free membership code under the cut.
Thanks Aaron!

Aaron over at Panedia has also been generous enough to offer us 50 free 12 month subscriptions to Panedia, so if you're interested in grabbing some wallpaper, head over to their site and use the code:

Update - the free subs have all been claimed now!



    G'day Sarah, Just wanted to clarify one item, the 'favourites' feature hasn't been implemented yet, it's on a long list of extras we're working on :)

    Thanks, Aaron Spence

    Hm, you can make your own from freely-licensed Featured Pictures at Wikimedia Commons:

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