Movideo offers high quality music videos

If you like watching music videos online, but the poor quality of YouTube makes you sad, you may want to check out newly launched site Movideo. They're advertising "near DVD" quality (PC Authority's writeup said you can get full-screen full-screen 16:9 playback up to 720x405 and audio bitrates up to 192K) putting it below HD quality but a fair whack better than YouTube.

You'll see from the screenshot under the cut that they've got links at the bottom of the screen if you want to buy a download of the song from Telstra, or a hard copy version through J B Hi-Fi (or ringtones, although we don't encourage that). They do show ads in a separate screen, but not before each song - looks like you'll get an ad for every three songs or so.

Of course, how much you get out of a high quality video online is dependent on how fat a broadband pipe you have. I liked that it checks your location and serves your video from an Australian location. However, with a bog standard ADSL connection (not 2+) I was a bit disappointed that one song I was listening too stopped halfway through for some more buffering action. I'd rather it take a bit longer to start rather than have a hiccup midway.

I also was a bit perplexed that when you go into full screen mode the music dashboard sits towards the middle of the screen and I couldn't figure out a way to drag it out of the way. Annoying.

They've added 2,500 videos to the site so far and from the looks of their "most played" selection on the front page (Rogue Traders, Gwen Stefani and some chick named Leona Lewis?) I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that they're aiming for a demographic a fair bit younger than me. Oh well, I saw a new Garbage video, I'm happy.


    I checked out this service last night for about 3 hours and found it to be great, certainly a better offering than anything else I've come across like this.

    A few of updates to the story:

    On a 6MB ADSL connection, I was getting about a 7 second lag (max) before clips started and never once did the clip stop or stutter. I was very impressed with that, so faster connections will obviously get the benefits.

    When you go fullscreen, the dashboard disappears after a few seconds, just make sure the mouse is not hovering over it.

    The video quality varied from clip to clip. Some looked almost broadcast quality, but for most (esp on a big TV) there was much room for improvement. On the upside, a lot of the clips were in widescreen and I can live with the reduction in quality to get the convenience of on demand music.

    One impressive feature of the site is that once you select a track to watch, it sets up a recommended playlist of other videos for you. These appear to be based on the genre and other factors like the era it came from (e.g. 80's), so the songs tend to work well together. The tracks in the playlist progress automatically, with a 15 second ad inserted every few songs.

    With a fast enough connection and a big screen TV, it's as close to a broadcast TV experience as I've ever seen for streaming video.

    I live in the states and when I go to the site and play a video it states; "sorry, movideo is available to australian residents only". Too bad because I really wanted to play music vids on my projector for my block party.

    The site now, not online again... Don't know why.

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