Move Email to Gmail with the Google Email Uploader

Windows XP and Vista only: Google releases an open source email uploader that moves existing email and contacts in your desktop client into your Google Apps Gmail account. (That's Google Apps Gmail account, not vanilla Gmail.) Download and install the Google Email Uploader, and choose mailboxes from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and/or Thunderbird to start uploading. After the jump, screenies from the process.


The Google Email Uploader is a free download for Windows XP and Vista.


    here is a good gmail notifier for google apps

    IS is possible to export emails from one gmail account to another?

    Thx in advance!

    Recently I switched my domain to a new server. Since doing that, my email address ([email protected]) receives SOME mail in a squirrel mail box and OTHER mail goes to my original in-box (Google Apps). My server said we can forward the squirrel mail to the Google box IF ONLY we knew the "real" address for the Google box, but it's the same email address at both spots!! Does Google Apps have a "back-end" address that forwards to your domain address? I hope you can help me!


    Is there any way to do this for a plain old "vanilla" gmail account?

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