Locate Free Wireless with Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

US-centric: The Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder webapp displays free wireless internet hotspots in your area on a Google Maps mashup. To use it, just give it your address, city, or postcode and it'll display many of the nearby hotspots. This sort of tool isn't new by any means, but it is returning better results in my area than previously mentioned webapps like Hotspotr. If you give it a try, let's hear how the hotspot finder measures up in your area in the comments. While you're there, you may want to download wiPod, which stores all that hotspot information in note form for easy browsing on your iPod.


    it is a web app, but, when you want to find wireless hotspots you are probably not connected to the internet, because you don't know where hotspots are, you need to find one

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