How to Ditch Dedicated GTD Apps

Mac user Dennis Best says that using David Allen's Getting Things Done productivity system on your Mac doesn't mean you need to find the ultimate GTD application—that the tools you already have in, iCal and Finder get the job done fine. After trying out shiny GTD-specific applications (like Things, which dazzled us too), he's settled on using those built-in tools instead. I'm with Dennis on this—instead of using a special GTD app, I stick to a calendar, email inbox, and a few text files to stay organized. Not to be all finger-waggy, but ultimately it's up to you, not your software, to work the system.


    I understand your point, however, for some of us a dedicated web-based application works best. I need to access my GTD on my Windows computer at work, my Mac at home and my cell phone when I'm away from both of those computers. The only way I've found to do that effectively is with a dedicated application. I use Nozbe and have written a couple of recent posts on my blog at detailing my experiences with the applicaton.

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