How Do You Make Sure You Wake Up?

Even the most motivated morning people among us can wake up seemingly unable to rise from bed and tackle the day. Over at the UbuntuCat blog, the author notes that moving his alarm clock to another room, along with having an impatient cat, have (almost) fixed his multi-snooze tendencies. We've offered up some alarm clock hacks and morning motivation tips before, but let's hear it from those who have escape the pull of "Just Five More Minutes," and those still fighting to become a functional morning person: How do you make sure you get up in the morning? How do you prevent your groggy self from making decisions your working persona will regret? Share your tips, philosophies and wake-up war stories in the comments.


    One unusual approach could be to try and go to sleep a multiple of 90 minutes to the time you want to wake up.

    Apparently we have a 90 minute sleep cycle, and waking up at the end of the cycle is easier than in the middle. Have you ever woken up about half an hour before you had to get up, feeling reasonably awake and thinking, "I could get up now, but it's nice and warm so I'm gonna doze until the alarm." And then when the alarm does go off, it is really hard to get up? This is probably why.

    When I lived with my parents, I use to have my stereo in my bedroom on a timer. The volume was up high and the first track on the CD was a really loud guitar intro. I actually started waking up to the quiet sound of the CD spinning up in the player, jumping out of bed to turn the volume down before being blasted...

    These days I sometimes use a pillow speaker (in efforts to try and not impact my spouse) or other times try the alarm clock across the room - which probably works best for me - although it only beeps for a minute and if I'm really determined I can stick my head under the pillow and outlast it.

    I wouldn't mind trying the brightening light idea, instead of sound.

    Another possible trick would be a device to open the laundry door at the appropriate time, letting the Labrador out (that's his bedroom overnight), who would then come bounding up the hall, jump on the bed and start licking my face (a trick I've used several times to rouse the kids).

    There's a new iPhone App coming out and will soon be available at the App Store. It's called MultiSnooze. I'ts the ultimate snooze alarm app.

    MultiSnooze let's you determine when you first wake up how many times you are going to hit the snooze button, and then allows you to press it that many times.

    Now you can sleep uninterrupted for that many snooze sessions!

    No more be disturbed while you're trying to sleep and having to reach over and hit the snooze again. It's Awesome. You Snooze You Win with MultiSnooze.

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