Help Azureus monitor P2P download limiting by ISPs

azureus.pngOne of the latest tactics in the war against P2P file sharing has been for ISPs to restrict the speed of P2P downloads by their customers. This practise doesn't discriminate between legal or pirated downloads, it just targets P2P traffic.
Now Vuze, the creators of popular P2P sharing application, Azureus, are asking their user base to help them collect information about ISP behaviour by installing a plugin which will help them gather information on P2P traffic throttling.
The Network Status Monitor (PC only at this stage) plugin monitors your network connections and measures and displays the number of interrupted connections (called reset tcp connections) every ten minutes. By ticking "share results" you also share the results with Vuze's central server, which enables them to aggregate the results and compare them with customers of other ISPs.
Vuze has said they may aggregate the data collected and talk about it or disclose it publicly, but no personally identifying data will be collected and no data about any specific user will be disclosed.
Azureus has been collecting data about ISPs for a while - the Azureus Wiki lists four Australian ISPs on its global list of "Bad ISPs" who interfere with P2P traffic.


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