Make Safari use the standard CMD+K for Google Search

If you're used to the default CTRL-K or CMD-K keyboard shortcut to highlight the Google search box in most browsers, Safari's slightly different command (CMD-Shift-L) might be driving you nuts. Never fear, the 5ThirtyOne blog helpfully walks you through how to get CMD-K to bring up the Google search box:

  1. Open System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard shortcuts
  2. Select the add button at the bottom left corner
  3. Select Safari from the applications drop down menu
  4. For menu title, enter "Google Search..." (... = option + ;)
  5. Focus on the Keyboard Shortcut textbox and press CMD+K
  6. Select 'Add' and restart Safari

Amusingly, APC web editor Dan Warne points out on his blog that Firefox 3 has adopted Safari's CTRL-Shift-L command as an alternative for bringing up the Google search box - something he describes as an attempt to make Firefox more "Mac-like". 

CMD+K search in Safari [5ThirtyOne]via Dan Warne


    Fantastic! This was the biggest single thing that kept me going back to Firefox. I have installed and will give Safari another go.

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