Fix Your Achy Body by Walking Barefoot

New York Magazine online suggests that despite your innate ability to walk, years of walking in shoes has got you doing it all wrong. The result: more aches and pains in your body than you should naturally encounter. The article as a whole is a compelling read, making the case that despite the great lengths shoe manufacturers have taken to bring comfort to your step, most shoes are doing more harm than good. The author also highlights a shoe style called Vivo Barefoot made specifically to mimic the barefoot walking experience while providing some of the modern necessities of shoes (like, um, protecting you from broken glass). The article is persuasive—enough at least to pique my interest in some barefoot shoes—but if you have experience with the barefoot lifestyle of even barefoot shoes, share your thoughts in the comments. Photo by Nicholas_T.


    I go with FiveFingers [ ] almost exclusively. They keep the protect from broken glass (first hand experience) and are extremely comfortable.
    It took a few weeks to get used to no support or cushion, but I can bend my feet, and more importantly my toes, in a more natural way. I love these babies, and would recommend them to anybody who finds typical shoes uncomfortable or restrictive.
    *They don't seem to ship outside North America (that's where I live) or Europe from the website, but I'm sure there's a way to get them in Australia.

    I second the FiveFingers. I haven't tried the Vivos because there is only one store that carries them in US.

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