Do You Delete or Archive More Gmail Messages?

Do You Delete or Archive More Gmail Messages?

Ever since they launched it without a Delete button, the folks at Google have been trying to convince Gmail users to archive their mail instead of trash it. On the Official Google Blog, a Googler lists nine reasons why you should archive instead of delete. (You’d think they were personally invested in you keeping your email! Oh, wait.) It’s true that with all that storage space, there’s really no reason to delete anything in Gmail. I lean on the Y key a lot more than the Delete button, but what about you?

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Think there’s any use or risk in saving email more than just trashing it? Make your case in the comments.


  • Sure the reasons they give are the reasons I would save. As also why not delete stuff that is not personal. I don’t need to keep Newsletters that are out of date. Or Facebook notifiers etc. I’ve been using Imap with Thunderbird and moving into folders as long as my Inbox is empty per all the advice you give on GTD etc

  • The more crud you don’t delete, the more there is to trawl through when you do want to search for something important. Delete the dross and keep anything that has information.

  • I delete the stuff that has an expiry date. If a special offer expires at the end of the week then it has not value after that. I also delete all the bacon; the facebook notifications etc.

  • I wouldn’t mind deleting from my Gmail archive if I could back them up somewhere (like an external harddrive). I have no idea how to do that though. Does anyone know of a method to move (or copy) emails from Gmail to your computer? Email me if you do!

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