Deter telemarketers with a humourous MP3

Well, you could join the Do Not Call register, or you could try playing your own evil hold music to those pesky telemarketers who just won't take "no thanks" for an answer.
Tipster Pooksterpup recorded this MP3 to play down the line to unwanted callers. It's a cute send up of those annoying hold messages punctuated with helpful tips and soothing "your call is important to us" platitudes.
I particularly liked the IVR sendup at the end: "You seem to be having some trouble ending this call and leaving with your dignity intact. Would you like some help with that?... I think you said yes, is that right?"
This gimmick would be even cooler if you could automate it - I guess you could record it as your voice mail message if you really wanted to.

Don't call me baby [Melbourne Maniacs]


    ooh ooh... i am so bummed that i signed up with the do not call register. Someone call me and try to sell me kittens with monkey fetishes, please!

    This is brilliant. Can't wait to use it.

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