Crackberry good for business, bad for spouses

A new Australian study of Blackberry users has found that the cult PDA makes people more productive by blurring the lines between work and home, but that angry spouses are hitting back at the device.
The joint study between the UNSW Australia School of Business and the University of Sydney found that the device with its always-on email delivery enabled users to work "harder, faster and more frequently," researcher Judith McCormack told the Fin Review today.
The downside they found was that organisations were having to replace Blackberries more often than other equipment - as a result of family members growing frustrated with the device.
"One organisation said they go through a lot of handsets, suggesting that they are actually damaged, flushed down the toilet or thrown at the wall more frequently than one would expect."
Either that, or they read Gina's guide to email management and didn't want always on email disturbing their work anymore. :)


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