Cool down on a hot day using a fan and a frozen water bottle

Trying to cut back on your use of that energy sucking air conditioner (or maybe just don't have one)? A tipster at the Natural Living blog suggests this simple hack to get the most out of your standing fan instead:

"You need a fan, and a plastic bottle of water.
Fill the 3/4 of the bottle with water and put it in the freezer.
Once deep frozen, put the plastic bottle in front of the fan, and tadaa! Fresh air!"

Given that it's been a bit on the chilly side in Sydney for the past couple of days, I haven't tried this tip myself, but I reckon it's worth filing away for those upcoming hot summer days!

Climatization replacement [Natural Living]


    Because freezing a bottle of water doesn't consume any energy whatsoever...

    Actually, there's a flaw in this idea:
    Consider the energy your freezer is using to freeze the water in the first place! This idea is equivalent to leaving your freezer door open; sure, the air coming out of the freezer may be cold, but the back of the freezer is heating up under the strain. All you're doing is bringing more energy (i.e., heat) into your home.

    Instead, if your cold tap actually runs cold water (without refridgeration) then place that in a bowl in front of your fan.

    Your freezer is most likely on all the time anyway.

    Yeah, BUT it uses much less energy while it is not freezing anything. Your freezer keeps itself at a constant temp, So when you add something not frozen(aka the 2L bottle) it lowers the ambient temperature of the whole freezer(because the warmer water bottle dissipates its heat to the rest of the freezer),

    Then the freezer automatically increases the amount of cold air it is producing the bring the temp back down. This last step is where the extra energy cost comes from. Freezers do constantly use SOME energy, but if you add anything to your freezer, you do "pay" to freeze the items, in the form of your energy bill.

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