Capturx Digital Pen Turns Jotted Notes to Text

The Capturx is a digital pen that takes notes on real paper and transfers them to your PC with surprising accuracy. I saw a few of these types of pens in action a few years ago and wasn't impressed, but from the looks of things they're getting on track. Check out the video demo to see for yourself. The pen itself will set you back a hefty $350, but if you're a pen-and-paper type who wants to do less manual transfer of your jottings to digital documents, the price of admission might be worth it. If you have more experience with this specific tool or a similar one, let's hear about it in the comments.


    Hi Adam,
    We're now distributing the LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen here in Australia. The LiveScribe product is an amazing piece of technology. It's also cheaper than the product you mentioned above.

    Let me know if you'd like a demo unit - or you'd like to buy one...


    Hi Mark,

    I saw your note about demo units of the LiveScribe. Any chance these are available in the USA? I am a Realtor and need to be able to take notes and transfer them to a PC, but do not want to haul around a laptop.


    Well worth checking the PaperIQ solution that pairs standalone with your blackberry and or Backend Enterprise systems for notes and forms data with the ability to create, email, sms, fax, XML and other outputs on the move.

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