Bypass the Google Updater for downloading new Google software

Ionut Alex Chitu a the Google Operating System blog points out that Google is migrating users over to using Google Updater by redirecting them if they want to download new Google software. Google Updater is part of Google Pack. He points out that mostly the Updater lets Google promote new software to you, and they are making it difficult to find the direct links if you prefer to download that way. He helpfully found a few direct links:

Google Desktop for Windows

Google Earth for Windows

Google Toolbar 4 for IE

Got any other tips for streamlining or minimising the Google footprint on your puter? Share in comments please.

Google Updater, the new Installer for Google Software [Google Operating System]


    Googleupdater needs to figure out how to go through corporate proxy servers. They do not have an authentication method where some proxy servers like Bluecoat require Active Directory Authentication.

    Google wake up an fix this issue if you want to live in corporate America!

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