Best Jobs for College Students?

Since students are super-busy writing papers, studying, and surviving finals, the GoCollege Weblog says that you shouldn't have to venture far off campus to get a good job. In fact, one of the most in-demand positions is a campus network technician.

Many colleges also offer a "residential network" program, also known as ResNet, where students can get help from fellow students on computer network troubleshooting issues (wired or wireless) at any time of the day. All you need is to make an appointment.

Benefits include working face to face with college students and being able to maintain a real flexible schedule. What other jobs do feel are ideal for college students? Share your past positions or best tips in the comments.


    I can't really understand why Australian government imposed 20 hours work limitation to the spouse of a student? A spouse doesn't need to study. So what the hell will he/she do? I think it's time to consider that International students are one of the most important resource of revenue income.

    graduate programs are an excellent way to start your career, but there is so much they dont teach you about how things work.

    I wish i found this site when i was starting out:

    it would have saved me from making so many mistakes.
    I hope you find it useful.

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