Best Contact Management Tools?

In the 21st century, the majority of our correspondence takes place digitally, which means easier, faster, and more efficient communication with our contacts. But the proliferation of digital communication also means we're faced with more contacts, email addresses, phone numbers, and instant messaging handles to remember; even more difficult is keeping all of this information up-to-date and available wherever and whenever you need it. Countless contact management solutions are available on the web and for your desktop, but among all that choice, it's difficult to narrow down the best. So for this week's Hive Five, we want you to tell us all about your favourite contact management tool. Hit the jump for more details and to nominate your favorite.

The first round of the Hive Five voting takes place in the comments, where you nominate your favourite tool. We get hundreds of comments, so to make your nomination clear, please include it at the top of your comment like so: VOTE: Contact Management Tool Goes Here. If you don't follow this format, your vote may not be counted. After you've made your nomination, let us know what makes it stand out from the competition.

About the Hive Five: Our new feature series, the Hive Five, asks readers to answer the most frequently asked question we get—"Which solution is the best?" Once a week we'll put out a call for contenders looking for the best solution to a certain problem, then YOU tell us your favourite tools to get a job done. A day later, we'll report back with the top five recommendations and give you a chance to vote on which is best. For example, check out last week's Best DVD Ripping Tools Hive Five.


    VOTE: Gmail & Mac Address Book

    Working on a Master list on Gmail with both Work & personal contacts, which will then sync to my Outlook 2003 (at work) which will then sync to my SEw960i mobile phone > i take that home, and it will sync with my Mac to update all the contents in the Mac Addressbook ... which i can then use with Mailplane

    VOTE: PIM Xtreme
    A very versatile software with also financial and other PIM stuff. Has a lot of features like encrypted notes, elements links (means you can link a Contact with a financial account, etc.), alerts, to-do lists, calendar, and so on...
    And it is Open Source! (free)
    Finally, a very important thing to notice is that it seems to be an active project.

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