Battle of the Designer Notebooks

The latte-sipping hipster sitting next to you at the cafe just pulled out his Moleskine to start jotting, and your buddy rolls her eyes and says the Moleskine's totally jumped the shark. Productivity enthusiasts love their overpriced designer notebooks, and being office supply fetishists ourselves, we've featured quite a few here. But which ones inspire the most pen-to-paper lust in you? After the jump, vote for your favourite fancy-pants notebook.

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Think designer notebooks are a waste of money? You more a 89 cent Composition Book person yourself? Confess your true notebook love in the comments.


    Miquelrius 6-1/2 x 4, 4 different colored edges, spiralbound fattie - fits in my purse, keeps my lists organized!

    I like the filofax slimline executive but would like to find an A5 version with small rings and the same supple leather cover. I've been looking on and off on the web for ages and today I may have finally gotten lucky, now that I know to Google for "compendium."

    I love my leather journal with the wrap around strap. I bought it in Florence, Italy and it is simply divine! I hear a lot of noice about how the Planner Pad (which I don't think you can get in Australia) is truly awesome, but that's only what I've heard. Sounds a little...militant for a free thinker like me!

    I have two favorites. The first is Rhodia's new version of a Moleskine, it has the same binding as the traditional but paper by is like writing on little pieces of heaven. The second is ClaireFontaine's Atoma notebook. Atoma is the original version of Levenger's Circa but it also comes stocked with 100 sheets of ClaireFontaine paper. Love it!

    Gotta go with Atoma. Relatively cheap, good quality, and now available in Australia! Woo Hoo!
    They use (maybe even invented) the ring binding system used by Levenger and Myndology et al.

    I have been buying them for years by mail order from Manufactum in Germany (the postage is a killer) - nothing fancy (except the aluminium rings) but they look good and more importantly, the pages move around easily, the paper is nice to write on, you can mix the stationery, and they come in A4 instead of US letter.

    Unpretentious, too. (Snort!)

    Agree about the Atoma range, they look tres versatile, but haven't tried them yet. So many great journals, notebooks from Japanese manufacturers almost unknown elsewhere. Kappan, Mnemosyne, Kokuyo and others. Can be purchased from Highly recommended. and they have advice on paper types, especially for those fountain pen users (sorry, addicts) out there.

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