Add Flickr, Delicious, and Picasa to your minifeed on Facebook

facebook_import.pngFacebook has added a feature which lets you populate your Facebook page with your data from Flickr, Delicious, Picasa and Yelp - without needing an extra application to do it.

To import activity from other sites into your Mini-Feed (and into your friends' News Feeds), hit the  Import button on the top left of your Mini-Feed. You'll get the option to chose which service to import from (see photo above).

The tool also lets you get information from Yelp - and Digg integration is on the way too.

A new way to share with friends [Facebook blog via CNET]


    Hopefully they will work okay. I've tried a few flickr plugins and they all pretty much suck.

    this works for a profile page but what about a PAGE (e.g. for a business or musician)

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