A guide to geek movies for 2008

Bugger it, it's Friday, let's celebrate some unproductivity time. Downtime's important after all. :) Alex Kidman has penned the "2008 Geek Movie Guide" over at PC Authority. I've heard that King of Kong is a ripper documentary, but I'm quite scared to contemplate a sequel to the X Files after all these years!
One gross omission from the list is my must-see movie for 2008 - Indiana Jones and the Kindom of the Crystal Skull, which comes out next month (w00t!). No, it has no computers in it, but I suspect that geeks and nerds of all stripes will be hanging out to see it. :)


    Sarah, This is the 2nd post you have made and failed to provide a link to the site that contains the information. :(

    Fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

    It's all good. I actually do like people pointing out stuff I need to fix. :)

    If you're after a geek movie event in 2008, don't miss the upcoming Can't Stop The Serenity events around Australia on 4 - 6 July. Browncoats are helping to bring Joss Whedon's 'Serenity' back to the big screen to raise funds for Joss' favourite charity, Equality Now.

    For more info about the event, please visit www.cantstoptheserenity.com

    Yay Serenity! :D

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