Your Best Stain Removal Tricks?

If you've ever had an "oops!" moment and realised you soiled your new clothes or a precious piece of furniture, you no longer have to scour the internet for a remedy while the stain soaks in. The School of Fibre Science and Technology in Australia has a beginner's list of what home remedies can remove even the nastiest stains. If you have a paint stain, for example, apply turpentine to the area. For tar, the best remedy is a grease solvent. And if you perspire a lot (and don't want it to show), sponge the area of your shirt with a weak vinegar solution and then wash it according to the fabric instructions. What are your favourite household remedies or resources for stains? Share them in the comments.


    Does anyone have a cure for glo-stick stain or the bright zinc cream type sticks? Yes the beach party went wild!! Clothes of both my teenagers were affected

    I got santorum stains on the curtains. Febreeze got it out fine.

    How do you remove blue food colouring from silk fabric

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