Your Best Money-Saving Kitchen Tips?

Small adjustments to your food consumption can lead to huge savings, according to weblog The Urban Vegan. Instead of buying lunch at work, pack your own. Freeze anything that you don't want (instead of tossing it out), and then save the food for another day. Stock up on goods that are on sale at the store. If you're able to, grow your own fruits and vegetables. Use cloth napkins instead of paper. Focus on investing for the long term and not only for the near future and you may reap some huge monetary benefits when you consider the value of the dollar in all of your decisions. What are your favorite food financial tips? Share them in the comments.


    Can't let this pass without at least one comment from Oz! Pre-made meals are way more expensive. Most sauces, stir-fry mixes are easy to reproduce (and you will know the ingredients), but if you must - a visit to a big Asian supermarket will be cheaper, more authentic and last longer. While you are there buy meat from their butcher and vegetables from their greengrocer - prices are good and quality too.

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