XP or Vista?

According to News.com, Microsoft is slashing prices on several versions of Vista, dropping upgrade versions of Vista Ultimate to $219 from $299 (full version drops to $319) and Home Premium to $129 from $159 for U.S. customers. Naturally, the price drop has raised a lot of eyebrows from Vista haters and XP die-hards, which got us wondering which our smarty-pants readers prefer:

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Let's hear what's motivating your preference—whether your a die-hard who's sticking with XP or you're an early adopter who embraced Vista while it was still in beta—in the comments.


    I voted "NEITHER"

    Well I have one PC dual boots between XP and Ubuntu 7.10 (with Compiz) and a second desktop with Opensuse 10.2 that has a DVB-TV tuner card, plus an ancient laptop with Ubuntu 7.10. I have no intention of going over to Vista. Compiz makes Aero look lame. When XP bites the dust - that will be it, we will be Microsoft-free! Heck, even my wireless-AP (Linksys 54G) runs Linux!!!

    I bought a new laptop a few months back ( I know I should have known better), I was hoping against all odds that some how my experience with Vista will be not as bad as what others had. As it turned out, I installed Ubuntu after 3 weeks or so. Vista was the worst thing that I ever worked with. It crashed almost everytime I tried to do anything. From running Vmware applications, to trying to sopcast to plain trying bring the PC back up from hybernation or plaing Stand by mode. XP as compared to VISTA was much better, so that is where my vote as gone. Ofcourse my preferred OS at the moment is Ubuntu just because its so stable, but XP wasnt too bad either. VISTA sucks. The only reason you would want to get VISTA if you already have an XP license and VISTA is coming budled with the machine that you buy. Buying VISTA by itself would be the biggest blunder anyone can make.

    The confusing thing with Vista is its inconsistency across systems - I've been using Vista exclusively since Beta 2, and while I had plenty of problems during the beta and release candidate phases, since I bought the final retail version I've never looked back.
    I've never had to manually install a driver. Vista itself has never crashed. It runs beautifully, and even ran well on my previous, fairly crappy system - that is except for the faulty graphics card. But even when the graphics card crashed, Vista would just take it all in its stride - whereas if the same thing happened an XP machine would just lock up completely, Vista just calmly stopped responding for 30 seconds or so, rebooted the graphics drivers and went back to running whatever game I was playing.

    I have almost never run into a program that will simply not run on Vista - from memory, Warcraft III wouldn't run but that's about it - and that was just a quirk with my system, as a friend ran it on Vista just fine.

    It's really a pity that Vista is so inconsistent, because when it runs well, it is a fan-bloody-tastic OS - I wouldn't go back to XP if you paid me.

    I have been using vista on 2 computers for well over a year, I use it to do my job which is software development and have no intention of going back to xp, I have quite a few friends who also feel the same.
    I did have an issue with it on my desktop while using my 'vista compatible sound drivers' that caused regular bsods and as such led me to believe they werent so vista compatible, an update fixed that and that was within a few months of the official release.

    I find most peoples complaints about vista are due to misinformation and lack of fair first hand experience (by fair im talking about people not hating vista before they use it and crying how it sucks as soon as the slightest thing goes wrong)

    I have also used linux and while I do like it I much prefer vista (not only for the games) so to anyone who says that vista is a pile of garbage, tell me if you have used it with stable drivers for more then a month.

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