Winners - Submit your best resume or job hunting tip

job ad.jpgThanks to everyone who entered our recent competition by sending through their best resume or job hunting tip.

We had heaps of useful tips come through. We've gone through them all and picked out the five winners, they are Tim, Peter, Alvin, Simon and Yi. Congratulations! They've each won a handy Google notebook.
You can see the highlights from each of these winning tipsters after the jump, or go to the original post to see all the entries in full.
Tim - broke it down Lifehacker style by writing a step by step guide to preparing your CV/resume, and for engineering a good first impression at the interview. Our favourite tip?

"Take a risk.
Have a look around the office and try to spot something of interest that you can talk about. Take note of any pictures, sporting items or anything you have in common with the interviewer. Generally, interviewers like to employ people that they get along with. If this technique does not seem to be working stop the tactic immediately."

Peter - Gave a great tip for how to make a proactive followup call:

"Most employers get a number of calls after the initial interviews and to put it bluntly it sounds very lame saying 'how did i go?', imagine calling a date to ask that after a nice dinner...? You are much better off calling and offering something else, think WIIFM (Whats In It For Me) since this type of thinking will appeal to the employers mindset. I call and introduce my self and say 'I just wanted to get in touch as i have two additional references since i saw you.' Make sure you actually have them, but it will show that you have been actively thinking about their company and about your prospective job (in most cases over the weekend) and for the curious you will usually find out how your interview went anyway, without sounding lame. 9/10 times this will be the tilter in getting a second interview anyway so regardless of how you went, none of the other candidates will have pulled this trump card!"

Alvin - had a great tip which will be especially useful for freelance or contracting Lifehackers:

"Always request written referrals. If you're like me and most of your jobs are short term consultations (even if they aren't!) make it clear that you would like a written referral before you close up your current job and move on to the next one. Pick the best one (or two, no more) and attach them to your resume. Keep the rest for use in the interview. Your ex-boss might not remember you, but the written words will ensure that your good work and effort is preserved for all to see."

- appealed to the caffeine addict in us all - very sneaky:

"I have also created a customised coffee coaster that invites the recipient to "have a coffee on me" and includes my contact details in order to encourage a face to face meeting rather than just email or phone conversations."

Yi - offered up a few tips, I liked this one the best because it's about how to make your cover letter stand out and make sure that it does a different job to your resume:

"Don't repeat what you have in your resume in the cover letter. Your cover letter should reveal more about your personality, why you're interested in the job and most importantly, why you're interested in the company. If you're applying to a recruitment agency and don't know which company it is, simply talk about why you're interested in the industry (such as banking, IT, law etc)."

Thanks to everyone who entered!


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