Who has changed your life?

I don't often post spiritual or inspirational posts, but I just read "How to change another person's life" over at the "I will change your life" blog, and thought it might be time.

That post gives credit for the little actions or words which can be said to us, which change us in profound ways - sometimes without the speaker even intending to do so.

Years ago, a friend helped me get through a personal rut and back on track towards my career goal of being a journalist. He was just recapping a night out we'd had with a few friends, but I can still remember exactly what he wrote about me:

"If brains are knives, Sarah's running around madly brandishing a chainsaw". Might sound like a wierd compliment, but coming from one of the smartest computer geeks I know, it meant a lot to me to be reminded that I'm one smart cookie myself. That compliment boosted me so much I really credit Ben with helping me get my butt back into professional journo mode.

And I don't think I even told him. So thank you, Ben, if you're reading this.

Got any stories to share about people who've inspired you? Share in comments please, let's share the love. :)


    Yeah, my second wife inspired me on the day she died. I know, that sounds kinda ugly, but she forced me to re-evaluate EVERYTHING & grow through the pain. Sure, no pain, no gain. I just don't need quite that much gain, ever again.

    My sister has really helped me - she is an uncompromising individual with high standards of herself and others, but she doesn't let it get into the way of loving you.

    She put me on the footsteps to freelancing when I was just a kid, and supported my writing in a concrete, critical way when I was just starting out.

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