Whirlpool's 2007 broadband survey released

The results of community broadband news site Whirlpool's 2007 survey are out. If you're in the market for a new broadband provider, or you often get asked for recommendations by friends or family, it's worth checking out. Some juicy tidbits include the fact that Internode's customer satisfaction rating dropped around 25% compared to last year on the back of steep price rises. And 53.5% of AAPT users reported that they wait over 20 minutes on the phone for customer support - a worse result that last year.
The survey also asks about government and industry plans for broadband. Just 13.3% of respondents supported the government's planned mandatory ISP-level filtering of Internet traffic, with 51.5% saying they strongly disagreed with it.
Whirlpool's an awesome resource, thanks to those guys for the work they do. So how did your ISP stack up?


    So most people didn't want Telstra running things. Apparently people in general aren't idiots after all.

    The trouble is, we don't always get what we want.Big is bullyful in this case

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