Watch Shared Folders for Changes with File Alert Monitor

Windows only: Monitor files created in a shared location with freeware application File Alert Monitor. Select the folders you want to monitor and you'll receive alerts whenever new files get created or updated there. The File Alert Monitor is a lightweight and useful app that lets you keep an eye on a shared drop box or networked folder. One catch: Since it's built for transcription and dictation services, you'll need to configure it to monitor for additional file types (.WAV is only file monitored by default). File Alert Monitor can also keep a log of all the files that are created, modified, or deleted for tracking purposes. File Alert Monitor is freeware for Windows only.


    Looking for something similar that can also watch for folder creation (and deletion) as well as recursive changes.

    "Folder Watchdog Service" promises to do all I want but is awkward to configure and gives me errors instead of results.

    The tool you've summarized here is great but too simple for my needs. Do you know of anything that can do what I'm looking for?


    Please drop me a mail at [email protected] about issues you're experiencing with my Folder Watchdog Service programme.

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